Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So, in  case you don’t know I’m a foodie at heart.  The food network is always on my TV, I love reading cook books and strolling through a grocery store or kitchen-type store makes me happy.  Why am I telling you this?  Just so you can imagine how gitty I was when my friends and I decided to partake in Winterlicious this past weekend. 

What is Winterlicious you ask?  It’s an awesome 2 weeks when restaurants in the city have special menus for amazing prices … it’s an opportunity to dine in places that would, normally, be too far out of your price range or were booked solid so you’d have no hope of ever getting in.

This year my friends and I decided to check out a restaurant called Horizons … not only did it offer an outstanding menu, but the dining experience was amazing.  You see, the restaurant is located 346m (1,136feet) above the ground.  Here’s the view from our table …

view from CN tower_1 view of the downtown core from 346 meters

The dinner, itself, was just as amazing as the view …

winterlicious - appetizer Butternut squash bisque with toasted pecan crème fraîche

winterlicious - entreeNiagara Pinot Noir Braised Short Ribs of Beef, Roasted Holland Marsh vegetables & Yukon gold potato mash

winterlicious - dessertDark Chocolate, Almond Cornmeal Cake & Lindt milk chocolate ice cream

After dinner we decided to take in more of the amazing views of our city …

view from CN tower_4 view of the Rogers Centre from the observation deck

view from CN tower_5 view of Rogers Centre through the glass floor on the observation deck

We had a blast and can’t wait to try another restaurant in a few months when Summerlicious comes to town.

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